Friday, December 2nd, 2022
At 15:41Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Beale Township, 5438 Groninger Valley Road, assisting Company 1 (Friendship Fire) on a Building Fire. Chief 5-1 (B. Harrison Jr) arrived first on the scene, an...
At 17:11Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Beale Township, 2944 Academia Road, (Walnut Sewer Plant) setting up a Landing Zone for Ambulance 225-1 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS) who requested a medical helicopte...
Saturday, November 26th, 2022
While in the area, at 14:26Hrs, Brush/Company 5 was added on/dispatched to Fermanagh Township, 185 Reservoir Road, assisting Company 2 (Mifflintown Hose Company #1) with a UTV on fire in the woods. Br...
Sunday, November 20th, 2022
At 13:04Hrs, Company/Engine 5 was dispatched to Tuscarora Township, 206 Grays Lane, assisting Company 7 (East Waterford Fire) on a Hazmat Incident. JCCC advised of an oil tank that had ruptured in the...
BTFC Year End Stats

BTFC Year End Statistics

(Last Updated) 


2021 BTFC Monthly Totals
Year End Total:87


 Calls by Municipality:
Calls by Municipality:Total:
Beale Township, Juniata County20
Tuscarora Township, Juniata County23
Fayette Township, Juniata County1
Fermanagh Township, Juniata County11
Lack Township, Juniata County5
Mifflintown Borough, Juniata County10
Spruce Hill Township, Juniata County8
Milford Township, Juniata County2
Turbett Township, Juniata County3
Walker Township, Juniata County1
Port Royal Borough, Juniata County1
Mifflin Borough, Juniata County0
Mifflin County, PA2
Perry County, PA0
Franklin County, PA0
Huntingdon County, PA0
 Incident Count for Apparatus:
Incident Count for Apparatus:Total:
Engine 526
Tanker 540
Brush 533
Line Officer Response (POV)2


Incident Type List:
Incident Type:Total:
Motor Vehicle Accident (Minor)16
Automatic Fire Alarm17
Trees Down5
Structure Fire (Minor)7
Working Fires8
Misc. Incidents4
Landing Zone Assignments3
Medical Assists6
Wires Down8
Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment0
Carbon Monoxide Incident0
Transfer Assignments2
Chimney Fire2
Vehicle Fire0
Farming Accident0
Year End Total:87


Responder List:
Rank:Responders/Members:# of Calls Ran:Notes:
1Jeffrey Harrison80#1 Top Responder
2William Harrison Jr.65#2 Top Responder
3William Harrison Sr.61#3 Top Responder
4Gabe Hambright57Top Junior Responder
5Alexa Holsinger36(Tied)
5Jon Lyter36(Tied)
6Kenneth Zook27 
7Lizzy Snyder20 
8Tom York11 
9Zach Leitzel8(Tied)
9Stephen Ranck8(Tied)
10Domeeka Harris7 
11Aaron Naylor6 
12Donna Arentz4(Tied)
12Casey Stolzer4(Tied)
13Lynne York3(Tied)
13Daisy Lyter3(Tied)
14Linda Lyter2(Tied)
14Christian Capotosto2(Tied)
15Devin Hart1(Tied)
15Cameron Swartz1(Tied)


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