Friday, December 2nd, 2022
At 15:41Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Beale Township, 5438 Groninger Valley Road, assisting Company 1 (Friendship Fire) on a Building Fire. Chief 5-1 (B. Harrison Jr) arrived first on the scene, an...
At 17:11Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Beale Township, 2944 Academia Road, (Walnut Sewer Plant) setting up a Landing Zone for Ambulance 225-1 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS) who requested a medical helicopte...
Saturday, November 26th, 2022
While in the area, at 14:26Hrs, Brush/Company 5 was added on/dispatched to Fermanagh Township, 185 Reservoir Road, assisting Company 2 (Mifflintown Hose Company #1) with a UTV on fire in the woods. Br...
Sunday, November 20th, 2022
At 13:04Hrs, Company/Engine 5 was dispatched to Tuscarora Township, 206 Grays Lane, assisting Company 7 (East Waterford Fire) on a Hazmat Incident. JCCC advised of an oil tank that had ruptured in the...
Call Stats

End of the Month Call Stats/Breakdown for November 2022 

Last Updated 12/1/22


Total Calls for November 2022: 13


Monthly Responder Breakdown
Name:# of Calls Ran:
Jeffrey Harrison13 (Top Responder)
Christian Capotosto11
Billy Harrison Jr.10 (Tied)
Bill Harrison Sr.10 (Tied)
Kenneth Zook8
Alexa Harrison7
Lizzy Snyder5
Sam Capotosto4
James Smiley3
Tom York1



Monthly Apparatus Breakdown
Apparatus:# of Calls Ran:
Engine 55
Tanker 54
Brush 55
Officer POV Response1


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